Great Rob Fowler dance still filling the floor 6 years on!
One for Quo fans only
Classic floor filler from Garth Brooks
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An Old Classic From The Tractors.  Still danced at oldie nights
Beginners dance to a Dave Sheriff track
Music from Rod Stewart, for old rock fans only!
A Devil In Me
Nice Kate Sala Dance
Amazing Faith
Angel Rock
Ain't Going Down
Asian Heart
An old pop dance from our archive

Baby Jane
Baby Likes to Rock it
Black Coffee
A standard the all dancers should know.  Fits to a variety of music
Black Horse
A hugh hit from 2006, still danced and still fills the floor
Off down to Brokenheartsville with Joe.  Good country song still holding it's own on the dancefloor
Baby Blues
Very popular Tina A dance to a nice blues track by Delbert McClinton or Plain Loco. 
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California Freeze
Caught in the Act
Cheek To Cheek
Chill Factor
Copperhead Road
Cowboy Strut
Cowgirl Twist
Great Beginners dance to a good country track
Floor Filling dance to a funky Christina track
Who's been sleeping in my bed still danced and fills the floor.  Try it to Roadhouse Blues by Elkie Brooks
Cheeky little dance!
Dance of the year a few years back has become a standard.  Try it to Gimme All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top
Susan Ashton track that wont get out of your head
Another standard dance
Classic beginners dance
One for the newer linedancers to learn
County Line Cha
You can partner up for this one
Dancing in the Dark
Do Your Thing
Down Louisiana Way
A Favourite with some of the old timers!
And then she kissed me!  Nice cover from the Derailers
The non-partner version
A toughie to a Basement Jaxx track.  Still popular with the Funkie club!
Elliots Dream
Electric Slide
Everything I Do
Fields Of Gold
Beginners should look here
Still strong with Billy Elliot fans
Bryan Adams does it for you
Either use the Sting classic or On the Radio from The Woolpackers for a faster version.
First to Last
Fly Like a Bird
Forever and a Day
Fuzzy Duck Slide
Ghost Train
The late but great Big Bad Barry White
One from the old school
Stayed the test of time through a great song by Lionel Ritchie
More than likely the first dance you will learn!
Grace Kelly
A fun dance, ideal for a party night
The 64 count dance to Mika's number 1 song
Hot Love
Feel The Magic
A number one dance from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack
We could all do with some of this
Hungry Eyes
Before Feel the Magic was here, we used to dance this! - You could always floor split
I Cant Be Bothered
Into the Arena
Irish Stew
Islands in the Stream
You should be, another one that still fills the floor
Another great dance that has stayed the test of time
Great Irish medley from Sham Rock - The current Irish favourite
A classic - Don't forget the side step!
Just 4 Fun
Just Wright
Keep it Burning
Life Goes On (Whoa)
Kind of Magic
King of the Road
Another one to get out on a party night
C'est La Vie from this cover of a classic song
A great dance to a pop track by Bev Knight
The best band in the world ever
Classic! Classic! Classic!
Lamtara Rumba
Let s Be Us Again
Another one that has become a standard
I love the song by Lonestar!
The NEW dance from Julie Murray! to a great piece of 70's music.
Max Factor
Movin On Over
Daniel W's follow up to Chill Factor
Great fast following dance that has also stayed the test of time.
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No Angel
One Step Forward
Patient Heart
Picnic Polka
Pot of Gold
Quando When Quando
Sweet beginners dance
Everyone should know this one!
Quick Intro from this upbeat Bekka and Billy track
Still danced on party nights - The track is on Linedance Fever 9
A Lovely blast from the past with the Mavericks
A very popular Irish number that has lasted the test of time
The only one I could find that starts with Q!
Real World
Redhot Salsa
Remember When
Great Dance to a one time boy band D-Side
Dave Sherriff song that almost tells you the whole dance!
Still a strong floor filler
Sex Bomb
Shanias Moment
Somebody Like You
Speak To The Sky
Stroll Along Cha Cha
T-bone Shuffle
The Fastest Dance In The World (Backwards)
The Way
TJ from the vally's with a dance the beginners love
The dance mix keeps the floor full
On of Keith Urban's finest
Not just for the dancers seeking out help from above.  A good solid dance still being danced
Another standard that you should know!
Fits lots of different music and can be done fat or slow
Julie's dance that appeared in the Feb 07 edition of Linedancer Magazine
Nice gentle country track
It must be 5 o'clock somewhere?
Under your Spell
Vertical Expression
Walk the Line
Waltz Across Texas
Wave on Wave
Who the Fluff is Alice
Wishful Thinking
X Rated
You On Me
A nice soulful track that lets the dance flow
With some horizontial desire!
Everyone should e able to Walk the Line.  You can fit it to all sorts of tracks
A useful waltz that beginners can pick up
Say hello to Pat Green's country No. 1
A fun dance the Julie and I wrote for a party weekend
Lovin all night!  Great fast country track that keeps the floor full.
Naughty fun with the scissor sisiters
Another dance that the beginners can try to music that we can all sing along to
This is where it all began for some
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A nice follow-up to Mika's Grace Kelly
The title song from Hal Ketchem's excellent album
One More Midnight
Randi Crawford's wonderful song gets a wonderful dance
Another great country track - Another great dance!
First South
Rock This Party
Go on then - Rock away!  Storming the dancefloor at the moment.
A Gigolo
Dance of the Year 2007
Zjozzys Funk
A super Fun dance from Europe
A boucy little easy dance to Lilly Allan's Alfie
Carrie Unnderwoods track all about playing away from home!  Nice Dance too
Before they Cheat
Show Me Wot U Got
A funky little dance from NFG that reached No 1 in the charts
It stands for NOT IN MY BACKYARD!
To Love Somebody
A great dance from the American Idol Winner
Big & Jovi
A dance from our very own Julie and her sister to Bon Jovi with Big and Rich
Easy Jive
Julie's latest dance for the beginners
Not Like That
Nice  dance that doing very well in the charts
Big Love
A great dance to a classic Strait track
Simply Mambo
A nice latino track for the beginners to get their teeth into
Carry You Home
Julie's latest dance to a very good James Blunt Track
Country Girl
Rob Fowler's Latest chart topping dance
Whole Lot Of Leavin'
A great dance that is climbing the charts FAST!
All Over Agian
A cool beginners dance from Nev and Julie
Boom Boom Boom
This dance was a favourite at the recent Viking Party
Combine Fun
A fun beginners dance or ice breaker.  You can also split the floor with Lollipop
Cowboy Mix
Watch out for the tricky count-in on this fabulous dance
Down to Dublin
A fun and fast Irish jig suitable for all
Dance of the year in 2007
A great dance to Brooks and Dunn's homage to their favourite drink!
The Dance
A Beautiful Nightclub 2 step aimed at the higher intermediate
Guardian Angel
An award winning dance to a slow Gareth Gates number
Electric Dreams
This one is racing up the charts to the 80's classic songs
Pretty in Pink
A 48 count future classic from Maggie G
Rebel Amor
Topped the dance charts at the start of 2008
Sea Salt Sally
A great fun dance to a song that will stay in your head for days!!
Baby Jane
Gaye Teather's beginner dance - Music available on a FREE download from Paul Bailey's website
Beauty & The Beat
A hot pop dance
Dance Like You're The Only One
T & V's great dance to David Jordan's Sun Goes Down
Crazy Foot Mambo
Very catchy tune and a great dance!
A beautiful dance that is climbing the charts
Love Trick
Julie taught this great easy(ish) dance at the Viking Party in 2008
So Glamorous
Heading towards the top of the charts
Boogie Woogie
Maire Osmond does the Andrew Sisters' Greatest Hit with style.  Fab, Fun Improver Dance
Fun fast country Yehaa dance from Kate Sala
Did You Ever
Brand New Robbie Mc Hickie's hit
Tricky but very popular floaty number
Inside Out
Laid Back N Low Key
Lovely smooth country dance from Peter and Alison
Catchy Dance that will soon be climbing the charts
My Veronica
What do you do when the music stops?
Julie's very own dance to a very catchy tune!
Julie dancing her latest dance Secret Giggles.  The teach for this dance is available on YouTube.
Black & Gold
To Sam Sparro's song of the same name
Fire On Ice
This stormed it's way up to the top stop in the charts
A fun dance that will bring the monkey in you
She Believes
A beautiful Kate Sala Dance that's storming the charts
Gotta Hitch
A great funky number
Click the logo to listen to Viking Radio and many of the top linedance tunes
All Summer Long
David Sinfields 32 count dance with NO Tags or Re-Starts!!!!
Head Phones
Another chart topper from Maggie G to a Leann Rimes Dance Mix
Clap Your Hands
A surprise hit from last year's October Viking Party
Eyes Wide Open
Beautiful Dance to a beautiful Clay Walker track
Favourite Waste Of Time
Can't help singing along to this great dance by Dee Musk
Rob Fowler & Ed Norton team up for another winning dance
You can't help singing along with this classic football chant
No One's Gonna  Stop Me
Nev and Julie's top dance to a dancey Madonna track
Out of ya Tree
This bit of fun should be played at the end of every night!
Doctors Orders
Just when you thought Jane MacDonald had left the building, she's back thanks to Maggie G!
Twiddly Diddly Dee
Our Julie's latest dance to the classic track by The Jackson 5
Secret Giggles
Another dance from Julie to a hidden Take That track from their new album
Julie Teaching 'Secret Giggles'
Julie's Current Top 10

All levels as of May 09

1. Mojo Rhythm

2. Poker Face

3. Holding on to Yesterday

4. J Ho

5. Bad Boy

6. Chocolate Covered Candy

7. Whiter than White

8. White Rose

9. No More Cloudy Days

10. Romeo & Juliet

Cabo San Lucas
A very nice country track by Toby Keith
Galway Girls
The music from the Magners TV advert
Like A Dream
Music from the Eagles for this slow and moody dance
When I Cry
A great dance to a country track
Julie's current teaches at
THE KATZ Line Dance Clubs
April 09

Human Dancer (I)

Catch me if you can (B)

Toes (I)

MOJO Rhythm (I)

Moonlight Kiss (i)

AB= Absolute Beginner

B = Beginner

I = Intermediate
Beginners - START HERE
Step Descriptions
a guide to the steps in the dances on this page
3 easy to read ABSOLUTE Beginners dances
3 dances that Julie will teach in your first classes.  Here they are in a easy to read format.
Fun beginners dance from the creator of Duck Soup
Human Dancer
A harder dance, but an extremly good one to a track by The Killers
Wanna Be Elvis
A really good new dance that is destined to be one of the dances of the year.
Absolutely Positively
A poppy little number new for 2009
Where you a fan of Boney M?  This one might be for you.
Footsteps Of Our Fathers
Great country number from Pat Green NEW for 2009
Make My Day
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps you might like this dance to the Pussycat Dolls
MOJO Rhythm
Shaping up to be a Rob Folwer classic
Moonlight Kiss
Former Mavericks front man Raul Malo's song about a moonlight kiss
No More Cloudy Days
The Eagles back to their best!
Romeo And Juliet
Danced to the song Love Story by the American teen star Taylor Swift
Dip your toes in the water and your WHAT? in the sand?
Fooling Myself
Julie's latest dance to a great country track by the UK's very own Henry Smith