To Love Somebody

Choreographed by: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

4 wall – 32 count line dance

Music: To Love Somebody – Jordin Sparks (start after 8 count intro on verse vocals)

1-8 L side, R back rock & recover, ¼ left & R back, ¼ L and side shuffle, R cross rock, recover & ¼ R, Fwd full R turn

1 L side step

2&3 R back rock & recover, turning ¼ L step R back

4&5 Turning ¼ L step L side, R together, L side

6&7 R cross rock, recover, turning ¼ right step R forward

8&1 Turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward, step L forward

(Easier option – R shuffle forward, or R lock step forward)

10-17 R fwd, ½ L pivot turn, R fwd, walk fwd L, R, L fwd rock & recover, ¼ L & sway L, sway R & L

2&3 Step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward

4-5 Step L forward, step R forward

6&7 Rock L forward, recover weight on R, turning ¼ left step L and sway

(This hits the break in the chorus every time)

8-1 Sway R, L (weight ends on L)

18-25 R sailor step, weave 2 R, L cross rock & recover, L back, cross step R over L and turn 1¼ L on R,

L fwd shuffle

2&3 Cross R behind, step L side, step R side

4& Step L behind, step R side

5-6 Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R

&7 Step L back, cross step R over L & turn a 1& ¼ L on R (weight ends on R foot – end

facing 9 o’clock)

8&1 Step L forward, step R together, step L forward

(Easier option - &7-8&1: step L back, cross R over, turning ¼ L step L forward, step R

together, step L forward)

26-32 R fwd rock & recover, ½ R, Turn ½ R & R fwd, L fwd lock step, L rocking chair

2&3 Rock forward on R, recover weight on L, turning ½ right step R forward

4&5 Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward

6 Step R forward

7&8& Rock forward on L, recover weight on R, rock back on L, recover weight on R

On the very last wall of the dance – the music will stop. You will be facing the back wall doing

the final 8 counts of the dance. Dance through the break to bring yourself to the front wall. Finish

the dance stepping out to the left side.


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