4 Wall Intermediate Line Dance 36 counts

Music: Candyman by Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics Album

New Release 14th August also available as a single from iTunes

Choreographed by : Tina Argyle August 2006 (01509) 820277





COUNT IN: 16 counts from where main music starts and main vocals. "I met him out for dinner"




Right Ball, Twist, Twist, Kick. Coaster Step. Left Ball, Twist, Twist, Kick, Coaster Step.

1 & 2 Touch ball of Right fwd. Twist Right heel, Right then centre.

& Kick Right Fwd.

3 & 4 Step back Right. Step Left at side of Right. Step Fwd. Right.

5 & 6 Touch ball of Left Fwd. Twist Left heel, Left then centre.

& Kick Left Fwd.

7 & 8 Step back Left. Step Right at side of Left. Step Fwd. Left.


Right Box Step with High and Low Finger Clicks. Cross Strut, Side Strut. Jazz Box Turn Right.

9 & Step Right Fwd pushing Right hip Fwd. Click fingers over to Right side above head height.

10 & Step Left Fwd pushing Left hip Fwd. Click fingers over to Left side above head height.

11 & Step back Right pushing Right hip back. Click fingers down at side of Right thigh.

12 & Step back Left pushing left hip back. Click fingers down at side of Left thigh.

On steps 13 & and 14 & put your Left arm behind your back and lean slightly Fwd.

13 & Cross Right toe over Left. Drop Right heel and Click Right fingers to Right side.

14 & Touch Left toe to Left side. Drop Left heel and click Right fingers across the body.

15&16 Cross Right over Left. Turn Right stepping back Left. Step Right to Right side & slightly Fwd.

Left Lock Step Fwd. Right Lock Step Fwd. Step Pivot Step. Turn, Hitch, Step Back, Hitch.

17&18 Step Fwd. Left. Lock Right behind Left. Step Fwd. Left.

19&20 Step Fwd. Right. Lock Left behind Right. Step Fwd. Right.

21&22 Step Fwd. Left. Pivot Turn Right. Step Fwd. Left.

&23 Turn Right on ball of Left Hitching Right knee. Step Back Right.

& 24& Hitch Left Knee. Step Back Left. Hitch Right Knee slightly across the body.

Long Side Step. Rock Back Left. Long Side Step, Rock Back Right. Side Rock, Cross Rock, Side Rock & Cross

25-26& Take long step to Right side. Rock back onto Left. Recover weight onto Right.

27-28& Take Long step to Left side. Rock back onto Right. Recover weight onto Left.

29 & Rock Right to Right side, Recover onto Left.

30 & Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover onto Left.

31 & 32 Rock Right to Right side. Recover weight onto Left. Cross Right over Left taking weight.


Left Side Rock & Cross. Turn Left x 2. Step Fwd. Step

33 & 34 Rock Left to Left side. Recover. Cross Left over Right.

35 & Turn Left stepping back Right. Turn Left stepping Left to Left side.

36 & Step Fwd. Right .Step Left at side of Right.


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