Max Factor

48 count, 4 wall, Intermediate level

Choreographer: Daniel Whittaker (UK) Mar 2007

Choreographed to: Good Rockin’ Tonight by Solomon Burke


Back Rock, Shuffle Forward, Step ¾ Turn Chasse Left

1-2 Rock right foot back, recover weight on to left (facing 12 0’ Clock wall)

3&4 Shuffle forward R-L-R

5-6 Step left foot forward left, make ¾ turn right

7&8 Step left to left, step right beside left, step left to left side (facing 9 0’ Clock wall)

Back Rock ½ Turn Cross Kick Ball Cross, Step Side

1-2 Rock right foot back slightly behind left, recover weight forward on left foot

3-4 Make a ¼ turn left stepping back right, make ¼ turn left stepping left to left side

5 step right over left

6&7 Kick left foot forward to left diagonal, step left beside right, step right over left

8 Step left foot to left side (facing 3 0’ Clock wall)

Sailor Step Right & Left, Scuff Step Knee Twist ¼ Turn

1&2 step right behind left, step left beside right, step right slightly to right side

3&4 Step left behind right, step right beside left, step left slightly to left side

5-6 Scuff right heel beside left leading into a slight hitch, touch right toe to right side

7-8 Push right knee in towards left knee, as you push right knee out to right side make a ¼ turn

right (facing 6 0’ Clock wall)

Heel Switches, ½ Turn, ¼ Sailor Heel Jack Hold Clap

1&2 Touch right heel forward, switch and touch left heel forward

&3-4 Step left beside right, and step forward right foot, make ½ turn left

5 make a further ¼ turn left stepping right foot to right side

6&7 Step left behind right, step right back slightly towards the right diagonal,

touch left heel forward towards the left diagonal

8 Hold & clap (facing 9 0’ Clock wall)

& Cross ½ Turn Rock Step, Side Cross & Heel

&1-2 Step left beside right, cross right over left, make ¼ turn right stepping left back

3-4 Make ¼ turn right stepping right foot to right side, rock left over right

5-6 Recover weight back on right, step left foot to left side

7&8 Cross right over left, step left foot back towards left diagonal, touch right heel forward (facing 3

0’ Clock wall)

& Cross ¼ Coaster Step, Step ¼ Turn, Syncopate Forward Right, Left

&1-2 Step right beside left, cross left over right, making ¼ turn left step back right foot

3&4 Step left foot back, close right to left, step forward left foot

5-6 Step right forward, make ¼ turn left

&7-8 Syncopate forward Right, Left, CLAP (facing 9 0’ Clock wall)

Big finish: When you do the last wall you will end on facing 9 0’ Clock wall you can finish the dance by

turning to face the front ( ¾ turn left ) cross over unwind

Happy Dancing,



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