Choreographed to : Living Next Door To Alice – by Smokie

By Julie Murray and Andy Davies

Phrased line dance – Sequence AA, BB, AA, BB(simple restart on this wall) , AA, B (first 8 counts only – danced very s l o w l y to end dance)

Easy Intermediate – both sections are 32 counts – one teeny restart..J

PART A – Two Walls (first wall starts facing front wall, second wall ends facing back wall) (syncopated section) begin the first chasse on the words ‘I don’t know why she’s leaving….’

Chasse right, cross rock recover, chasse left, back rock recover

1&2 chasse right (right, together, right)

3, 4 cross rock left in front of right, recover weight onto right foot

5&6 chasse left (left, together, left)

7,8 rock back on right foot behind left, recover weight onto left

Kick, Kick, shuffle half turn, Kick, Kick, shuffle quarter turn

1,2 Kick right foot forwards, kick right foot to the right side

3&4 shuffle half turn to the right (right together right)

5, 6, Kick left foot forwards, kick left foot to the left side

7&8 shuffle quarter turn to the left (left together left)

Right shuffle, fwd rock recover, back shuffle, back rock recover

1&2 right, together, right (shuffle forwards)

3,4 rock forward onto left recover onto right

5&6 left shuffle backwards (left, together, left)

7,8 rock back onto right, recover onto left

Jazz jump, hold bounce hold, bump, two, three hold.

&1,2, Jazz jump forward (right left) hold –(on Alice!)

3,4 lift both heels and bounce them after the word Alice (if using the rude version then its ON the second Alice) (during heel bounce – turn both palms up and say Alice? In a questioning voice!) J

5,6,7,8, bump left, right, left, hold (keeping palms upright for all four beats) (if you have the rude version you will know they sing ‘Alice? Alice? Who the f*** is Alice!?’ but for this ‘clean’ version we will sing instead ‘Alice? Alice? Who the fluff is Alice!?’ J







PART B – Two walls – First wall of part B starts facing back wall, second wall ends facing the front wall ready to dance Part A twice again. (the ‘kicking the leaves’ ‘poor me’ section)

Grapevine Right, touch, Grapevine Left, scuff forward (hands held behind back as if kicking leaves sadly) J

1,2,3,4 step right, cross behind with left, step right, touch left next to right

5,6,7,8 step left, cross behind with right, step left, scuff right forward

Step, Scuff, Step, Scuff, Bounce, Bounce, Turn Scuff!

1,2,3,4 step forward onto right foot, scuff left forward, step down onto left foot, scuff right forward.

5,6,7,8 bounce forward onto ball of right foot, bounce back onto ball of left foot, make a quarter turn to the right bouncing forward onto right foot (taking weight onto right foot), and scuff your left heel next to right

Grapevine left, touch, Monterey half turn (point, turn, point, close)

1,2,3,4 Step left, cross right behind left, step left and touch right next to left

5,6,7,8, point right to right side, make a half turn right pivoting on ball of left foot, point left out to left side and step left beside right. (weight on left)

Walk right, left, kick, back, touch, stomp, stomp, stomp (Andy’s section: J )

1,2,3,4 walk forwards right, left, kick the right foot forwards then step back onto it

5,6,7,8 touch left next to right, stomp left, right, left

Easy Restart during 8th wall

Dance the 8th wall up until the Monterey turn (you will be facing front) leave out the last 8 counts of the wall and pretend to wave and shout goodbye to Alice! (bye Alice!) Hold and wait for the beat to kick in and restart Section A…..

End of Dance

The music slows right down during the grapevines, do them s l o w l y then cross right over left and unwind half a turn to face front keeping legs crossed, with palms upturned…J

Andy and I hope you enjoy this fun little dance for the holiday season! !


Julie M – November 2006

This dance was prepared for Dominic and Rosie’s weekend in Torquay! J

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